The Original Takeaway

Hayden Stainsby

What you get when you cross a number theorist with a programmer.

I'm a research fellow at the Mathematics Department of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, working in the area of computational number theory. My advisors were Enric Nart and Jesús Montes.

Latest news: I've just defended my Ph.D., you can read it and watch an animation of the process online on the Thesis page.

I'm currently looking for work, here are my stats.

Where I come from, if you're feeling a bit lazy in the evening and don't feel like cooking, you order takeaway.

Make your order, and twenty minutes later you can pick up your food. This isn't limited to your Friday night dinner, first thing in the morning you'll probably order a takeaway coffee on your way to work.

Yet, this isn't the first time people come into contact with this idea. In the first years of school, young children are introduced to the basic concepts of mathematics, subtraction being one of these.

"If you have 5 apples," says the teacher, "and you takeaway 2, how many do you have left"?

In this sense, Mathematics is The Original Takeaway.