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ClojureScript + Electron links

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Having had some success recently writing cross platform desktop applications using Electron with React. I'm gradually transitioning the project to Flow to try and improve my confidence in the code. Still, I wanted to try out something a bit more purely functional. So, I've been looking into ClojureScript, for which there are a number of bindings for React.

This page is more a resource for me than anything else. Some useful links I've found while hunting around.

General tutorials

Electron specific

  • descjop

    Leiningen template to use ClojureScript with Electron. Has support for Om.

Initial commit

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

The first post on The Original Takeaway revamped.

I'm trying out the static site generator Cactus, primarily because it's Django based (and uses Django templates). This creates a nice on-ramp for me, as I've worked with Django a bit before.

As a test of the markdown code-higlighting I've installed, here's my email signature in Perl (it's old). Bonus points if you can work out what it does.

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